Thursday, July 18, 2013

Simple Sakasa Kebari, First Video Attempt

To start with, I thought to start with a basic Sakasa Kebari.  This is my first video attempt.  I finally have the lighting where you can see what I'm doing.

Hook: Size 12, Montana Fly Company 7009, Light wire, Up Eye, Scud Hook
Thread: 8/0 Black UNI-thread
Hackle: Hen Pheasant

I always pinch down the barb of the hook with pliers prior to tying any fly.  Start the thread at the eye of the and take ten or eleven wraps back.

Take the feather (any feather will work, hen pheasant, Partridge, Grouse, Brama Hen, Rooster saddle hackle, Starling, etc.).  Pull off the fluff.  Hold the feather by the tip (except for Starling, tie that in by the stem, the tip is very fragile) and stoke the fibers backwards.  You will have a little "V" at the tip.  This will be the tie in point of the feather.  Hold the feather by the tip with the concave side of the feather down over the eye of the hook.  Tie in the feather where the thread stopped and bind down the tip.

I like to move my thread out of the way to wrap the hackle.  Use hackle pliers on the end of the stem.  Pull thee feather straight up and with wet fingers, push the fibers forward. Wrap the hackle towards the back.  When you have the amount of hackle on the fly as you want, tie down the hackle and trim.  Trim any stray fibers that are pointing backward.

Build a slightly tapered body behind the hackle and whip finish at the back of the body.